What Is Trauma?

Sometimes you think, “I am not enough”. Or “something is wrong with me”. You feel like you wanted to react differently in certain situations but this is not what happens. You feel a mental block that throws you into a “freak out mode”, often when it is the most inappropriate, and then you just feel stuck. Traumas are powerful. It...[ read more ]

To My Friend Who Is Struggling With Depression

Dear friend! It seems at times like no one really gets it, doesn't it? It seems like you are alone in this. It also seems like it will never get better. It feels so exhausting that you feel tired all the time. No energy left. Just pain that seems will never go away. You are starting to guess that you...[ read more ]

Just Keep Moving

Sometimes yoga really gets to me; it forces me to self-reflect. I have probably been subconsciously avoiding one particular class since the last time I attended because it tends to require a little more introspection that I can sometimes manage. I have never felt more aligned with the face palm emoji than when I drew the ACCEPTANCE angel card in...[ read more ]

The Holiday Struggle

December of 2006 was my first Christmas married. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love the lights and smells and traditions, and I was so excited to be able to decorate my own home and welcome people into our space. However, that Christmas was also my only Christmas married. My ex-husband left a couple of months later, ending...[ read more ]

School Anxiety

As the school year continues to be in full swing, you may notice a shift in your child's behavior.  School is scary for any age group and experiencing nerves, jitters or anxiety is a normal emotion for children.  Worries can include fitting in, being separate from friends, understanding the new school material or getting along with their teachers. Although it...[ read more ]

Can Anxiety Be A Friend?

So you often feel worried. And you don’t like it. If you are considering therapy for your anxiety symptoms, keep reading! This is what we know about anxiety: you may find it difficult to control the worry, and excessive worrying can be exhausting. You may feel tense and/or irritable and might be experiencing a loss of sleep. Anxiety does not...[ read more ]

Healing For Loneliness

Picture it… you walk into the cafeteria on the first day of middle school.  New school. New schedule. New people.  You look around for a familiar face.  Panic starts to crawl up the back of your neck and you get nervous and flushed.  Your heart starts pounding and sweat starts to bead.  Fear pulls you further and further down until FINALLY… you spot a friend.  Relief...[ read more ]

The Most Unforgettable Advice

Sometimes we find ourselves in trying times and this can be influenced by our work lives, home life or the people we are surrounded by.  In your toughest time, who has given you the most unforgettable piece of advice?  Was it your parents?  Best friend?  Co-worker?  Maybe it was a former therapist you worked with?  Most people wouldn't expect this,...[ read more ]

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