3 Things Therapy Can Do For You

So why therapy, right? You probably know some friends, family members or colleagues who attend counseling or had therapy experiences in the past. Maybe you had some experience too. The big question that many people ask: would therapy work for me? And if so, what exactly would it do?

There are several important answers:

  1. Therapy can help you deal with the current situation

Therapy can help you deal with the situation in which you might be feeling stuck. For example, if you have a situation that repeats itself in your life and you are not sure why that is happening or what to do about it, therapy can be beneficial. Or, if you want to have a new relationship that is different from your past experiences, but you are questioning if you have everything necessary to prepare yourself for the big change, it can be helpful. Also, if you are dealing with grief, loss, or past trauma, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, or life transitions, therapy can help you to develop skills necessary to cope. These situations might be very challenging, and therapy can help to gain insight, provide essential answers, and help develop new skills.

  1. Therapy can help change your family patterns

It is not only about you. If we want it or not, we do carry our family messages with us. Family messages are something that we learned from our parents or caregivers. Our ancestors passed down these messages to us. Some of these messages could be very valuable, and some are not so much. They can hold you back and prevent you from achieving your goals. That often happens without you being aware of it.

Moreover, if not dealt with, the chances are, you will pass these messages down to your children and possibly to other generations. You can generate your own messages, depending on what happened to you in the past. This often happens without our awareness, so we do have very little control over it. Therapy can help you to become mindful of the messages that you carry. In therapy, you also can start recognizing the messages that you need vs. something that might be the time to get rid of. Breaking these generational patterns, being aware, and preventing messages that do not work anymore from interfering with our lives is an essential benefit of therapy.

  1. Therapy can help you to achieve change that will last

Our brain doesn’t like change. It does not matter if this change is for good or for bad; our brain just simply does not like it. Neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to change, is what we use in therapy to create new neuron connections or unique experiences that allow for this change to become our new norm. Therapy can help you to achieve the desired change and rebuild your past experiences.

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