Disappointment During Covid-19

Is your life falling apart in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic? Does this feel like another disappointment, an additional weight on top of what was already going on in your life? Your marriage is ending… Your anxiety is spiraling… You were looking forward to graduating... For some reason, this topic has been on my mind and I wonder how...[ read more ]

What if Things Get Out of Control?

The world had changed before our eyes in just a few weeks. People feel a lot of anxiety, fear, panic, and uncertainty. Many people are anxious about COVID-19 in many different ways. What if my loved ones or I will get sick? What if my business will be destroyed? What will happen in the next week, or a month? Will...[ read more ]

Caretakers During Covid-19

When I am not at the office, I am working with one of my favorite groups of individuals - caretakers, specifically those with a child with a disability. In the midst of everything going on in our communities, many caretakers have additional stress from medical needs to financial concerns. Even the smallest details require more effort and extra energy. For...[ read more ]

Coping With Your Anxiety About Covid-19

Life changed so suddenly and unexpectedly for many people. These changes could be scary and throw us into panic and thinking the worst. It also might trigger and worsen the anxiety that you already had. On top of that – work from home, children are at home, fear of income loss or shortage, and a continuous barrage of information from...[ read more ]

Change Negative Thoughts

The world is just a smidge nuts right now, and I think most of us are probably experiencing some pretty negative thoughts and emotions. Is the world ending? Will I have a job? When will this end? Anxiety, worry, overwhelm, depressed, sad, angry... And there are a million other thoughts, feelings, and emotions we are experiencing. Today, let's go over...[ read more ]

When You Live Alone During A Quarantine

Hi friends!  Tiffany here, coming to you directly from my apartment where we find ourselves at the beginning of a 2 week "stay at home" order.  These are crazy times, aren't they?  The psychological part of me finds it fascinating to know that we have a front-row seat to history unfolding before our eyes and watching how people respond to...[ read more ]

Staying Sane During the Coronavirus

2 Things I’m doing during the Coronavirus “situation”: Being present Being present Explanation to follow. Let me preface by saying that I am not perfect at this, not even close, but I’m trying and this is what it looks like. I get swept up in the “what ifs” and the fears about toilet paper and right now I can’t find...[ read more ]

9 Emotions. What they mean. And what to do about it.

This is Part III of working with negative emotions or strong emotional messages. Click here for Part I Click here for Part II Emotions can have us all over the place. Up, down, happy, sad, angry, peaceful. A literal emotional rollercoaster. While there are thousands of words to describe all of the emotions we can experience, a lot of times...[ read more ]

6 Steps to Transforming Negative Emotions

How often do you feel like negative emotions are running your life? They get set off or triggered by some unfortunate circumstance, someone treating us poorly, us treating ourselves poorly, and a slew of other things. Sometimes these negative emotions just roll in like a fog, with no discernible reason, and they just sit there, making visibility limited or impossible....[ read more ]

Handling Difficult Situations

If we're being honest, life is filled with difficult situations. They seem to pop up weekly, daily, sometimes even hourly. In the video at the end of this post, Tony Robbins gives an great process for handling difficult situations. The part we are focusing on today starts at around the 14 minute mark. I pulled out some of the most...[ read more ]

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