Plants & Mental Health

During the New Year may people tend to pick up a new hobby or cultivate a new skill. I personally have always loved plants, gardening, and everything green. However, I just recently found out that there has been research done on how houseplants can affect one’s mental health. In an article from Healthline, several specific plants are highlighted with their...[ read more ]

Plants & Mental Health (cont)

In my last post, I touched briefly on how houseplants can benefit one's mental health. The Wall Street Journal has a video entitled "The Health Benefits of Houseplants" In this video a news reporter speakers with Justin Hancock a professional Horticultrisits. Mr. Hancock speaks of the different benefits of house plants and how they can benefit your physical and mental...[ read more ]

College and COVID-19

This Monday thousands of college students all over the world begin to go back to class. Many of these college campuses are opening up more classes and requiring in-person classes. Though with the proper precautions taken this can be completely fine, many students may find this time very stressful. I know I personally am a bit nervous to have a...[ read more ]

Creating a Better New Year

Dr.Dianne Grande wrote a powerful article entitled "Ways to Create Better Habits for the New Year." This article focuses on how to actually stick to those New Years Resolutions a lot of us make and how to carry on these good habitats throughout the year. I feel that I along with many others have quite a problem with this and...[ read more ]

New Year….Better Me

Many people around this time tend to say “New Year New Me.” This is a good mantra to have if you are deciding to better yourself and move into the New Year as a better and more aware version of yourself. However, for many, we use this mantra and don’t follow it, or we will go to the extreme of...[ read more ]

Finding Happiness in the New Year

Starting this week students all over the world will be heading back to class and adults to work, and even for some both. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season no matter what holiday they choose to celebrate and follow and I hope for a successful and fruitful New Year to our readers. For many, the New Year tends...[ read more ]

Understanding Mindfulness

In this last blog post I wanted to highlight some videos I personally have greatly benefited from on the topic of mindfulness. The first Ted Talk I’m going to share is by Richard J.Davidson. Dr. Davidson focuses a lot on how our brain function can be changed through mindfulness and gives a beginner's exercise on how to practice mindfulness.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CBfCW67xT8...[ read more ]

A how to on practicing mindfulness

Time Setting aside time is key to practicing and maintaining mindfulness. Many of us make goals that we strive for, but then we will fail to create a designated moment of time in the day to actually practice this. I find creating two 5 min spaces of time in your day is the best way to start off. I personally...[ read more ]

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about living in the present. Mindfulness is usually seen as a state one can be in when we focus our energy on the present moment. However, unlike what people think meditation and mindfulness is, we should not try to push away unwanted thoughts but acknowledge them and continue to let our minds flow. Mindfulness and meditation are...[ read more ]

Mental Health During the Holiday Season – Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch can be a very difficult thing to do. With Covid,  family, and loved ones at a greater distance than ever before it is easy to feel as if you are no longer in touch. However, keeping in touch can actually be easier than ever before and much safer. With online video applications like Zoom, Skype, and thousands...[ read more ]

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