Coping with the Post-Vacation Blues

As we approach the summer halfway point, with many of us traveling over the summer, post-vacation depression or post vacation blues may be in full swing. Post-vacation depression is the term for the negative emotions or depression people may experience when returning from vacation. The article linked below defines what to look for, how to prevent and how to cope with these blues.

Here are a few strategies from the article. Putting a plan in place before going on vacation may help to prevent post-vacation depression on a person’s return. People can take steps to alter how they transition from holiday back into their regular life. This could include:

  • allowing a day or two to adjust between returning from holiday and starting back to work
  • returning to a person’s regular sleep schedule
  • planning some enjoyable leisure or social activities
  • having a positive routine in place so people can begin work calmly
  • keeping up regular physical activity
  • practicing relaxation techniques, such as meditation

Happy travels! 🙂 

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