Yoga vs. Therapy Yoga

During this week's blog post I focused on the importance of focusing on both mental and physical health equally. However, for so many people it is easy to let one of these things slip. As a way to combat this and introduce something that combines the two, I introduced our community to yoga therapy. This type of therapy combines the...[ read more ]

Yoga and Therapy

Yoga as a form of therapy has been around for quite some time now. As I said in my last blog post many people use yoga as a way to practice mindfulness and mediation. We even have counselors here at Renew that are certified in yoga therapy! Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if...[ read more ]

The Psychology of Yoga & Mindfulness

As many of us know mental health and physical health are tied together in numerous different ways. However, the average person tends to focus on one or the other and not both. Things such as meditation and yoga are great ways to practice mindfulness in a way that will help you both mentally and physically. Mindfulness is the act of...[ read more ]

Psychology and the Holidays: Halloween as Self Care and Dealing with Fears

In this week's blog post we are beginning the Psychology and the Holidays series. For this week we are focusing on Halloween and this specific post will be focusing on how Halloween can be used as a therapeutic experience/ self-care! Self-care is important year-round; however when it comes to the end of the school year with finals and the holiday...[ read more ]

Psychology and The Holidays Series: Halloween (Intro)

This week I wanted to introduce a short one-week series on Halloween! During these fall months that are numerous different celebrations and activities celebrated all around the world! One that is known globally is Halloween. On Sunday, October 31st, and throughout this weekend thousands of people will be dressing up and going out to partake in this celebration/ holiday! This...[ read more ]

Psychology and the Holidays: Halloween & Human Psychology

In today's blog post I wanted to share an article by NPR. This article is entitled "Halloween Provides A Look Into Human Psychology". The article highlights how different things in human behavior are seen within the aspect/ celebration of Halloween. Fantasies and fear are brought together as an enjoyable experience. Check it out below! https://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2016/10/31/500034064/halloween-provides-a-look-into-human-psychology

Better Understanding Intersectionality: The Sum vs. The Individual

For our closing blog of this week, I wanted to provide our readers with video material for intersectionality as this is much more accessible for people! The video is by Peter Hopkins a professor and Newcastle University. It will give you a better understanding of intersectionality, what it is, what it looks like in today's society, and how it affects...[ read more ]

Why is Intersectionality Important in Today’s Society

In my last blog post, I introduced the idea of intersectionality and how it exists in all parts of our lives. For this post, I wanted to introduce an article on intersectionality by Bridie Taylor. The website that this article is found on focuses on women's rights. If this is something you are interested in our you or someone who...[ read more ]

What is Intersectionality?

All of us are a part of multiple groups that we identify with. Some of us identify with specific racial identities, gender (s), sexualities, disabilities, and nationalities. Outside of the ones that I have mentioned there are hundreds of other identities that people can identify with. Though we are aware of our multiple identities it is hard to consider one...[ read more ]

Understanding Happiness: Research Article

For this week's series, I wanted to highlight the importance of basing your knowledge on academic journals and peer-reviewed research. However, a major problem with getting your research is its lack of availability to the general public. This causes a major disparity between those who have access to information and those who don't. Because of this, I wanted to share...[ read more ]

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