Winter Self-Care

Below is a chart of different Winter Self-Care options! Though these are rather simple things those who are dealing with things such as depression, or even seasonal depression during this time of the year can benefit from a simple task such as these. Rember to reach out to friends and family who may be dealing with stress or anxiety and...[ read more ]

Holiday Self Care Series

Hi everyone as the holiday time rolls around we will be introducing a new series, Holiday Self Care! In this series, we will bring together all the past holiday season series concerning, loneliness during the holidays, self-care ideas, evidence-based practices, and any other topics we talked about! If you have any specific topic you would like talked about please reach...[ read more ]

Toxic Positivity vs Genuine Optimism

Being able to show genuine optimism is a great way to help build rapport within a new relationship or even show a loved one how much you care. However, many of us fail to use the proper verbiage that helps to build this genuine feeling of support. Below is a few examples of what Toxic Positivity sounds like and what...[ read more ]

Dealing with Loneliness- Research Based Blog Post

In past blog posts, I talked about the importance of getting information from resources that used actual peer-reviewed research. To continue with this theme I wanted to introduce peer-reviewed research to support the previous information I gave on loneliness. The article below has been cited numerous times and is actually published in The Journal of Psychology. The name of the...[ read more ]

Victim Services- Crisis Intervention (Central Florida)

Many people who experience a major crisis usually do not know what to do. Some people call 911, others go to counseling, and many do not seek any professional help. However, most people are completely unaware of victim services and crisis intervention practices. This is a sad reality because almost all people have experienced some form of crisis in their...[ read more ]

Loneliness During The Holiday Season

Loneliness during the holiday season is a major issue for many people all over the world. With Thanksgiving having just passed many people have begun to feel the effects of this. With COVID- 19 having cause such destruction, many people have lost loved ones or are still unable to see them because of this. Due to this, I wanted to...[ read more ]

What is Brain Fog?

Many medications in the U.S. List " Brain Fog" as something you may experience due to a medication or lack thereof. You may also experience this when you do not get that morning cup of coffee, or when you oversleep during a nap. Brain Fog is something we all have dealt with at one point or another. In this blog...[ read more ]

Signs of Stress

As the holiday times roll around maybe people struggle with stress. This may be from dealing with end-of-year stressors, family members, burnout, and a plethora of other things! What is most important to remember is that millions of people all over the world are dealing with this, and there are ways to combat this! However, the first step to combating...[ read more ]

How to be Productive

As the end of the school semester and the year come to close many people struggle with productivity. Due to this, I wanted to write a blog post specifically on productivity and how to be more productive as this year comes to a close. Ask Questions  Be aware of what your doing! Ask yourself if you are taking on something...[ read more ]

What is “normal” vs. What is a Disorder

Self-diagnosing of disorders can be a major problem in today's society, and many people do not have the background knowledge to know the difference between dealing with an actual diagnosis and dealing with a set of symptoms. Below is a Ted Talk that talks about Anxiety, but not only what it is but also the difference between regular anxiety and...[ read more ]

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