Disappointment During Covid-19

Is your life falling apart in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic? Does this feel like another disappointment, an additional weight on top of what was already going on in your life?

Your marriage is ending…

Your anxiety is spiraling…

You were looking forward to graduating…

For some reason, this topic has been on my mind and I wonder how many feel this way. For how many people was life already overwhelming before the virus? Or how many people’s lives were finally moving in a positive direction and then this happened? From person to person, know that my heart breaks for you and what you are going through. And while I can’t take away your current situations, here are some thoughts that I hope will help in this difficult time.  

First, you don’t have to act like everything is “fine”. It is TOUGH, not ok, or fair! You are not selfish for thinking what you are thinking or feeling what you are feeling. The pain is real and whether you are hurting or were looking forward to a special moment…this sucks! Take the time to really put yourself first and grieve what you are experiencing.

Second, no you may not be able to change your situation right now but what can you do now in the midst of everything going on? What does it look like to take a small step forward or focus on one element of pain? Is there a way to celebrate a missed moment in a different way? Below is a video posted of an individual who wrote a song about missing the end of her senior year. She’s affected so many by taking her sadness and using it to write such a beautiful song.

Youtube video of senior: https://youtu.be/E40ZZ3pmcBA

People are also doing really cool things for birthday celebrations.  You can check out an example here: https://www.abc6.com/woman-with-down-syndrome-surprised-with-car-parade-for-birthday/

Dealing with disappointment is hard, let alone dealing with an additional widespread illness. COVID-19 doesn’t make your pain or struggles less important. What matters to you matters and is completely valid. Process what you’re going through and use it to fuel you to the next thing.

You’re not alone.

You will get through this.

You will be better because of it.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”—Christopher Reeve

~Melissa Roach, Student Intern

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