What if Things Get Out of Control?

The world had changed before our eyes in just a few weeks. People feel a lot of anxiety, fear, panic, and uncertainty. Many people are anxious about COVID-19 in many different ways. What if my loved ones or I will get sick? What if my business will be destroyed? What will happen in the next week, or a month? Will life ever be normal again? What might the new norm look like?

So many questions but not so many answers. If things are out of control, here is one way to cope: let’s distinguish what we cannot control from what we can control.

First, let’s create a list of things that are totally outside of your control. What is on your list? It can include things such as political situations, schools being closed, economy going down. Especially notice things that you are anxious about. Do you have control over these things? If not, write them down.

Next, create a list of things that you CAN control. Think carefully. Can you control learning new coping skills, making meals, using your time wisely, getting help for yourself, showing self-love? What else can you control? Think some more.

How can you help yourself to focus more on things that you can control? How do you feel when you look at both lists?

With love to you and your families,

Aly Landry, MS, NCC

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

National Certified Counselor

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