The Reality of Tele-learning and How it’s Hurting our Students

For all of my academic career, I have been going to classes, interacting with my faculty and peers, and have always been able to actively participate in any clubs and activities put on by my school or University. However, due to COVID-19, this is sadly no longer the reality for many students.

Now students as young as five years old are expected to sit in front of a camera for hours on end. This isn’t even considering the thousands of Americans that do not have access to the internet much less a private laptop or computer. The expectation for any student to perform the same under these circumstances is unfounded and unreasonable. Additionally, many college students are still actively seeking job opportunities, internships, and research positions on top of this. This drastic change in the world of academia has cause reports of stress, anxiety, and depression in students to increase significantly. This paired with the inability for many to physically be with friends and high-risk family members only exasperate this already unpleasant situation. However, it seems that many schools and universities have done little to nothing to support their students and faculty.

The lack of awareness of how this “new reality” has affected many Americans is disheartening. I personally feel that during these times it is everyone’s job to show empathy and kindness to others, and above all truly learn what it means to empathize with another human being as it seems that many major schools and universities have missed the mark.


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