Yoga vs. Therapy Yoga

During this week's blog post I focused on the importance of focusing on both mental and physical health equally. However, for so many people it is easy to let one of these things slip. As a way to combat this and introduce something that combines the two, I introduced our community to yoga therapy. This type of therapy combines the...[ read more ]

Yoga and Therapy

Yoga as a form of therapy has been around for quite some time now. As I said in my last blog post many people use yoga as a way to practice mindfulness and mediation. We even have counselors here at Renew that are certified in yoga therapy! Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if...[ read more ]

The Psychology of Yoga & Mindfulness

As many of us know mental health and physical health are tied together in numerous different ways. However, the average person tends to focus on one or the other and not both. Things such as meditation and yoga are great ways to practice mindfulness in a way that will help you both mentally and physically. Mindfulness is the act of...[ read more ]

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