Coping with Jet Lag: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Jet lag is a common condition that affects many travelers, especially those who cross time zones. It occurs when your internal clock, or circadian rhythm, is disrupted by the change in daylight hours. Symptoms may include fatigue, insomnia, headache, and difficulty concentrating. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize the effects of jet lag and help your body adjust to...[ read more ]

You’re Body On Trauma

Trauma can effect ones' body in numerous different ways, and with books such as Kolk's The Body Keeps The Score. There has been a wave of interested individuals wanting to know the overarching effects of trauma on the body. Below is a good  diagram of what it looks like to have experienced something traumatic. As we can see from this diagram trauma...[ read more ]

Gaslighting: The Hidden Truth Part 3

To wrap up our final blog post of this week I have found a website with many resources on Gaslighting. It ranges from what gaslighting is, spotting in relationships and even the workplace, and what to do if you find yourself in a situation where you believe you are being gaslighted. If you have not already. take some time to...[ read more ]

Gaslighting: The Hidden Truth Part 2

This week our focus is on Gaslighting. Gaslighting as defined in our first blog post of this series is defined as “a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves (” The response to our first blog...[ read more ]

Forms of Self Care

Self- Care is defined as a needed human regulatory function. It is something that we as humans do to create what I would call mental health homeostasis. However, when most people hear self-care they feel that it may only include taking bubble baths or doing mediation which it is that but there are many different types and forms of self-care...[ read more ]

Renew Counseling Group Therapy

A few weeks ago here at Renew Counseling, we rolled out the option of having group therapy. This update is to let our readers know that you can still sign up for group therapy! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our number below. Attached you will also find the orginal flyer that gives specific deatils...[ read more ]

Why we all need counseling (stats)

In this infographic, the creator highlights the large group of people all over the world not receiving mental health treatment. Shocking statistic such as 1 in every 16 people has a mental health problem highlights the inconsistency of the number between those you go to therapy and those who do not. There are many reasons as to why certain groups...[ read more ]

What is Trauma

This week we have focused on trauma. In this blog post, I want to direct our attention to this video by The School of life "What Is "Trauma" - and How to Cope With It". This video gives a semi-detailed explanation of how trauma is created and how to overcome it. Though watching this video won't magically help existing mental...[ read more ]

The Stages of Recovery: Trauma

Trauma is something almost all of us will face sometime throughout our life. This may be childhood trauma or something that affects us a bit later in life. Either way, thousands of people all across the globe are experiencing this and are not getting the help they need. This may be due to social or cultural norms, embarrassment, or just...[ read more ]

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