Forms of Self Care

Self- Care is defined as a needed human regulatory function. It is something that we as humans do to create what I would call mental health homeostasis. However, when most people hear self-care they feel that it may only include taking bubble baths or doing mediation which it is that but there are many different types and forms of self-care that go outside of just us. In this blog post, I will highlight 3 types of self-care and in the next, I will highlight 3 others. Hopefully, from reading these you will learn more about what it means to practice self-care and the different ways you can do this.


Physical Self-Care is the most commonly known type of self-care. This is where eating right, working out, and doing things like yoga or going on a walk come into mind. I believe that most people in this day in age focus on this type of self-care most of all, which is great, but it is also important to make sure you are finding a balance between all the different types of self-care.


Spiritual Self-Care has become highly popularized in younger generations especially through apps such as tik tok and even platforms like youtube. Spiritual Self-Care as one might believe is usually not rooted in religion at all, but understanding yourself and your “soul” to a greater extent. Many people use introspective meditation and things like this.


The last type of self-care I will highlight in this blog post is Intellectual Self-Care. This type of self-care focus on cognition. Learning and honing a new skill, reading a book, or even playing sudoku would all fall under this type of self-care. This self-care is unique in a way as it also is a mental workout for yourself just as much as it is seen as a relaxing form of self-care.

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