The Stages of Recovery: Trauma

Trauma is something almost all of us will face sometime throughout our life. This may be childhood trauma or something that affects us a bit later in life. Either way, thousands of people all across the globe are experiencing this and are not getting the help they need. This may be due to social or cultural norms, embarrassment, or just not having adequate knowledge of how to go about getting the help they need. Due to these limitations, many people are forced to self soothe using inappropriate coping mechanism they may cause more harm than good in the long run. If you identify as a person experiencing any of the things stated above; however, you do not feel that you are prepared to go to therapy or you want to have a better idea of what the process of healing trauma is this blog post is for you.

UPMC Childre’s Hospital of Pittsburg has an amazing article that focussed on the process of healing from trauma. They focus on three main points: Safety & Stability, Remembering  & Grieving, and Restoring Relationships.

The safety and Stability phase is all about understanding triggers and doing away with unhealthy coping mechanisms. You will also be given the tools to better handle your emotions and other aspects of your trauma.

Remembering and Grieving is the second part of the trauma recovery process. After you gave ascertained a sense of safety from the first phase you will now have to acknowledge your trauma. Exploring your trauma and better understanding how it has affected you is key to healing.

Lastly, we have Restoring Relationships. After you have gone through recovery you must reintroduce yourself into society and smaller social groups. This may be hard but joining smaller therapy groups can help greatly. (Renew Counseling now offers these pleas call our number if you’re interested in joining a group  (321) 300-6992) 

At the end of the day, recovery will be different for everyone but with a better understanding of the process and what it entails it this can be your first step to recovery.


UPMC Article:

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