Mental Health Positive New Year Resolutions

Here are a list of new year's resolutions to help support your mental health Seek therapy or counseling regularly Practice mindfulness and self-care activities regularly Set healthy boundaries and communicate them effectively Learn new coping skills or techniques Seek support from friends and loved ones Practice gratitude and positive thinking Set realistic goals and work towards achieving them Practice good...[ read more ]

New Blog Series: You & 2022

When there is a new year many people make goals or resolutions. Some are trying to reach a health goal, or reach a certain level in their carer or numerous other milestones/ challenges they are trying to overcome or get to!   In this series, I want to highlight the numerous types of "New Year" related changes we all experience,...[ read more ]

Creating a Better New Year

Dr.Dianne Grande wrote a powerful article entitled "Ways to Create Better Habits for the New Year." This article focuses on how to actually stick to those New Years Resolutions a lot of us make and how to carry on these good habitats throughout the year. I feel that I along with many others have quite a problem with this and...[ read more ]

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