Understanding Mental Health with in a Family System

Taking care of your family's mental health is super important for everyone's happiness and wellbeing. When someone in the family is struggling with mental health issues, it can affect the whole family and make things pretty tough. But, there are a few things you can do to help support your family's mental health. One of the most important things is...[ read more ]

Promoting Your Child’s Mental Health: Closing Blog

In the last few weeks we have been discussing different ways of promoting your child's mental health. Below is a list of some of your favorite ones so you can easily access them in the future! Promoting your Child's Mental Health: Adult Children Promoting your Child’s Mental Health: It begins with the parent Promoting your Child's Mental Health: Understanding the...[ read more ]

Promoting your Child’s Mental Health: It begins with the parent

During this past week we have been learning ways to promote your Childs' mental health. Most of the time we focused on the importance of this and how it can benefit the child . However, it is important to note that this all begins with the parent. They must make the conscious decisions to care for their child's health in...[ read more ]

Promoting Your Child’s Mental Health

There are thousands of parenting books on promoting your child's well-being and health. As a first-time parent or one that has had a child before we know that creating the best environment for your child's health and wellness is a major part of being a parent. However, it is equally important to consider a child's mental health also. Are you...[ read more ]

The Reality of Tele-learning and How it’s Hurting our Students

For all of my academic career, I have been going to classes, interacting with my faculty and peers, and have always been able to actively participate in any clubs and activities put on by my school or University. However, due to COVID-19, this is sadly no longer the reality for many students. Now students as young as five years old...[ read more ]

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