Promoting Your Child’s Mental Health

There are thousands of parenting books on promoting your child’s well-being and health. As a first-time parent or one that has had a child before we know that creating the best environment for your child’s health and wellness is a major part of being a parent. However, it is equally important to consider a child’s mental health also. Are you educating your child on their emotions, how to voice their emotions, and advocate for them? Have you created an environment in which a child knows how to set boundaries with not only strangers but also those within the family and yourself?’

If not, you wouldn’t be alone. Though most of us do our best to prioritize making a safe and healthy environment, many of us forget that doing this with a child’s mental health is equally important!

This week we will be focusing on ways to promote your child’s mental well-being by providing resources and information to all of you. Be on the look for this week’s newsletter and blog post for more information on this topic!

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