What is Intersectionality?

All of us are a part of multiple groups that we identify with. Some of us identify with specific racial identities, gender (s), sexualities, disabilities, and nationalities. Outside of the ones that I have mentioned there are hundreds of other identities that people can identify with.

Though we are aware of our multiple identities it is hard to consider one without the other. Take discrimination for example. being from a religious minority and a racial minority are two very different things, but to say discrimination comes from one and not the other would e hard to specific since you identify as both of these identities. This in itself is intersectionality!

Intersectionality in itself is a framework and system that says one’s different identities, be that social, political or any others, work together to create the reality you know and gives you different privileges and modes of discrimination.

Below is a chart that better helps to capture the idea of intersectionality and how one’s identity can hardly be separated from the rest.





-Elana Gabriel

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