What is Brain Fog?

Many medications in the U.S. List ” Brain Fog” as something you may experience due to a medication or lack thereof. You may also experience this when you do not get that morning cup of coffee, or when you oversleep during a nap.

Brain Fog is something we all have dealt with at one point or another. In this blog post, I want to introduce what exactly brain fog looks like in common “symptoms” of brain fog. New week I will highlight some ways to prevent and even combat this annoying occurrence.

Losing Train of Thought

  • Constantly losing your train of thought. Especially when trying to understand complex ideas and think through ideas.

Difficulty with New Information

  • This includes remembering and retaining new information.


  • Easily forgetting information that was just given to you.

Fatigues & Exhausted

  • Being overly tired can easily lead to brain fog and forgetfulness

Asking others to Repeat Themselves

  • Needing others to repeat themselves because of lack of concentration can be a sign of brain fog

Unable to make decisions & Commitments

  • Unable to make decisions and commitments are directly connected to brain fog. This may be due to lack of sleep or awareness.

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