Understanding Happiness Chemicals

What is your source of happiness?

Many different people can answer this in numerous ways; however, did you know that many times our happiness is directly linked to chemicals in our brain. Some of these chemicals include dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin. Though happiness comes in a variety of ways I would like to highlight some of the chemicals mentioned above and how to “hack” them.

Dopamine- Reward Chemical

  • Finishing a Task
  • Celebrating
  • Practice Self-Care

Oxytocin-Love Hormone

  • Holding hands & Hugging
  • Giving a compliment

Endorphins-“Pain Killer”

  • Eat chocolate
  • Make Art
  • Laugh
  • Workout

Serotonin- Mood Stabilizer

  • Meditate
  • Getting some sun
  • Getting outside

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