The Therapeutic Power of Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a powerful tool in the psychotherapy world. However, many people are not aware of how beneficial group therapy can be, or they don’t fully understand what it is.

This type of therapy allows you to be in an environment where you are working and growing alongside others while all facing similar problems. Much like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous where those who attend the meetings are able to have a support group and receive help from others on each step of their mental health process. This is why this form of therapy is so special and really creates a new way to experience therapy. It allows people to share stories and experiences not just with a therapist but with others experiencing the same thing, and many of the time’s group therapy is so successful because people feel like they are being understood and heard, which can be difficult and times for people with just speaking to a single counselor or one that has not gone through what they have gone through.

Alongside all of this group, therapy allows for a feeling of acceptance. Due to the fact that everyone in these groups usually has very similar experiences these groups are a no-judgment zone but most importantly there is no internalized fear of not fitting in. Similarly, to the need for a support group, it is also important that whoever is seeking treatment feels that they are free to speak freely and openly to get the full experience from any type of therapy session.

Overall, being able to work through issues in a group setting allows for a faster and more complex therapy session at times. It also allows people to drop their guard as they will most likely not feel internalized judgment or anxiety over sharing their true thoughts and feelings. It’s amazing to see how those seeking therapy treatment can benefit greatly from group therapy. 

Due to this, we hear at Renew have decided to start multiple group therapy sessions run by one of our own counselors Natalie Decker. Below I have attached a flyer that goes more in-depth into what groups are available.


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