Understanding the Link Between Trauma and Substance Use

Trauma can have a profound impact on mental health, leading to a range of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. For many individuals, trauma can also lead to the development of substance use as a coping mechanism. Substance use provides a temporary escape from the pain and distress of trauma, but in the long term, it can exacerbate mental...[ read more ]

The Biology of Trauma

Many people do not realize that many mental health disorders have major biological consequences. The infographic above shows just some of the many biological health problems that can arise from ignoring things that may be going go in your mental health. This infographic is a great example of what so many of those in the psychology field say that many...[ read more ]

What is Trauma

This week we have focused on trauma. In this blog post, I want to direct our attention to this video by The School of life "What Is "Trauma" - and How to Cope With It". This video gives a semi-detailed explanation of how trauma is created and how to overcome it. Though watching this video won't magically help existing mental...[ read more ]

The Stages of Recovery: Trauma

Trauma is something almost all of us will face sometime throughout our life. This may be childhood trauma or something that affects us a bit later in life. Either way, thousands of people all across the globe are experiencing this and are not getting the help they need. This may be due to social or cultural norms, embarrassment, or just...[ read more ]

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