How to know when you are overthinking

In our previous blog post we talked about overthinking, what it is, how it comes about, and how it effects a person.  In this post I wanted to share an article from very well mind that focuses on how to know when you’re over thinking. Though it may seem rather simple to others, many people struggle to differentiate between normal...[ read more ]

What is overthinking?

Overthinking is a major issue that many of us deal with. Overthinking can be linked to numerous different things. However the brain’s tendency to over analyze as a way to reduce one’s anxiety can often lead to overthinking  As defined by good rx overthinking is defined as “also referred to as rumination — is when you repetitively dwell on the...[ read more ]

New Series on Overthinking!

Overthinking is something that comes naturally for many of us. Ruminating over past events or dwelling on our future problems, these daily habits can easily become larger issues if given the right circumstances. In this weeks blog post we will focus on what overthinking is and how we can identify we are doing it when it happens. Next week we...[ read more ]

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