Why we all need therapy (cont)

In this two-week series on the importance of therapy and why it is needed I have decided to share another article from Dr. Ryan Howes (PhD, ABPP). That discusses the importance of therapy and why we should all go. The purpose of these articles and videos I send out is to inform our readers, from multiple different perspectives, as to...[ read more ]

Creating a Better New Year

Dr.Dianne Grande wrote a powerful article entitled "Ways to Create Better Habits for the New Year." This article focuses on how to actually stick to those New Years Resolutions a lot of us make and how to carry on these good habitats throughout the year. I feel that I along with many others have quite a problem with this and...[ read more ]

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about living in the present. Mindfulness is usually seen as a state one can be in when we focus our energy on the present moment. However, unlike what people think meditation and mindfulness is, we should not try to push away unwanted thoughts but acknowledge them and continue to let our minds flow. Mindfulness and meditation are...[ read more ]

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