What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about living in the present. Mindfulness is usually seen as a state one can be in when we focus our energy on the present moment. However, unlike what people think meditation and mindfulness is, we should not try to push away unwanted thoughts but acknowledge them and continue to let our minds flow. Mindfulness and meditation are very commonly used in therapeutic teachings and has been shown to greatly help with anxiety, depression, everyday stress, and multiple other mental health disorders. I personally feel that mindfulness can greatly benefit everyone. However, we do need to take the 15-20mins a day to actually reap these benefits in our lives. Especially going into the New Year I know many of us want to find ways to better ourselves and our lives, besides physical things such as exercising and eating right. Using mediation to ground our mental and build healthier mental health can be a wonderful start to reaching a higher you. In my next few blog post, I want to focus on how to begin your own journey into mindfulness and other meditation methods and the benefits of it.

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