Post-traumatic stress disorder and Anxiety in Women Part:1

As seen in the previous blog post-PTSD and anxiety are both more common in women than in men. More specifically the actual diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety order or GAD is more commonly seen in women. There is numerous reason why this is but, in the end, it comes down to biological and or environmental factors. Womens' is an amazing...[ read more ]

Gender Stereotypes and Theories (Females)

“Women are Emotional”  This is a common statement in our society about this sex. Keeping in theme with the last blog post on gender identity and how this shapes certain views I wanted to focus on the truth in this statement. Doctor D.Schmitt wrote an article titled “Are Women More Emotional Than Men?” This article is focused on an evolutionary...[ read more ]

Self Concept & Identity, Shaped by Gender

During my second summer semester at the University of Central Florida, I took a Sociology course. This course really gave me insight into the baseline social aspects that can correlate to psychology. One of the most intriguing parts of this class focused on the studies of gender and the differences between a biological male and female based on identity in...[ read more ]

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