Domestic Abuse Resources

This week we are focusing on domestic abuse in America. To end this topic I wanted to share these links below to allow all of you to have these resources. Also as always if you want to talk to someone please reach out! National  Domestic Violence Hotline: Florida Department of Children and Families:  

Domestic Abuse Ted Talks

This week we are focusing on Domestic Abuse/ Violence. In honor of that, I wanted to include a playlist that the people at Ted Talk curated. This includes Ted Talks from a multitude of people ranging in different topics that all relate to domestic abuse or the trauma it causes. Below if the line to this playlist. Check it out!...[ read more ]

Domestic Abuse in America

Dometic Abuse is a shockingly common occurrence in the United States, with Kentucky having the highest rates, with 45% of women and 35% of men experiencing domestic abuse. According to the CDC about 1 in 4 women and 1 and 7 men will experience physical domestic abuse in their lifetime. However, domestic abuse goes far beyond just physical. There is...[ read more ]

Domestic Abuse in Quarantine

In my last blog post, I focused on the rise of domestic abuse cases due to COVID-19. However, I wanted to be able to also expand everyone's knowledge of what domestic abuse looks like in real life and highlight someone who took this experience and changed her life around. Below is a Ted Talk from Marie Hanson, a domestic abuse...[ read more ]

Domestic Abuse During Quarantine

Every minute  20 people in the US become a victim of domestic abuse ( Now imagine how these numbers must have increased due to millions of people all over the world being affected by today’s pandemic. New York City saw a 10% increase in domestic abuse cases, Jefferson, Alabama had an approximate increase of 25.5%, and Oregon and Texas both...[ read more ]

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