Domestic Abuse During Quarantine

Every minute  20 people in the US become a victim of domestic abuse ( Now imagine how these numbers must have increased due to millions of people all over the world being affected by today’s pandemic. New York City saw a 10% increase in domestic abuse cases, Jefferson, Alabama had an approximate increase of 25.5%, and Oregon and Texas both had about a 20% increase in domestic abuse cases.

Fig. 1

 Though there could be many reasons for this sudden and global rise in domestic abuse, scientists, researchers, and psychologists alike believe that this spike is directly linked to COVID. The need for quarantine has caused many couples and families to be kept in small confines together for days at a time. For those already in abusive situations, the victim’s ability to leave the house and go out has become increasingly limited. And those who may not have previously been in what they would consider an “abusive relationship” may have seen a shift due to current circumstances. 

Though you may not be in a relationship like this or know anyone who is, it is a very real reality for many, and this pandemic and the upcoming holiday season will not make it any easier for those that have found themselves in these types of relationships. This is why I wanted to highlight the reality of this so that all of us can be more vigilant in spotting warning signs in family, friends, and even peers.

Below I have attached a link to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence Website. This link is for an article that highlights the “Signs of abuse”.



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