Plants & Mental Health

During the New Year may people tend to pick up a new hobby or cultivate a new skill. I personally have always loved plants, gardening, and everything green. However, I just recently found out that there has been research done on how houseplants can affect one’s mental health. In an article from Healthline, several specific plants are highlighted with their benefits. The article states that “studies show that being surrounded by greenery can help with cleaning the surrounding air, creating a sense of well-being, and enhancing your life.” The article also highlights how taking care of a plant can be used as a form of symbolic self-counseling

  “you may have to trim away any dead pieces that are no longer contributing to its growth. Doing this can serve as a reminder of your own growth: as you approach different life stages, you sometimes have to let go of who or what may be stopping you from thriving.”

Many other plants are highlighted in this article. Lavender is commonly used as an essential oil but it can also have the same benefits as a plant, it can help with anxiety and stress as its oil is usually used to produce calmness in those who use it.

I definitely think this article is a must-read for those looking into getting into a mental health-conscious hobby!,-life-enhancing-benefits-of-loving-a-plant



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