New Year….Better Me

Many people around this time tend to say “New Year New Me.” This is a good mantra to have if you are deciding to better yourself and move into the New Year as a better and more aware version of yourself. However, for many, we use this mantra and don’t follow it, or we will go to the extreme of trying to reinvent ourselves in a way that may become toxic. I personally feel that a better mantra would be “New Year Better Me.” There’s no need to change everything about your identity especially if it’s solely for societal standards. Sometimes we must look inwardly to find what we personally believe is going on in our life that is wrong and works to solely fix that rather than focusing on what society tells us is wrong in terms of beauty standards, gender norms, etc. 

Us as humans love the idea of making drastic changes in our life when we feel like something is wrong however, this is not always the right way to go about things. Finding smaller things to work on to better oneself rather than believing we can change our whole life overnight is a much healthier lifestyle choice. Creating incremental goals that make small changes over time that will ultimately create an overhaul healthier lifestyle is almost always the better choice if one is not in any immediate danger.

So once again I would like to challenge you the reader to figure out what this month, week, day, or even hour goal is. Nothing is too small as long as you are moving forward and making a difference in your own life for the better you can never go wrong.



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