LGBTQ youth and Mental Health Disparities

As discussed before, mental health in the LGBTQ+ community is a big deal. Many of those who identify within this community deal with things such as lack of acceptance, discrimination, and prejudice. This, similar to other minority communities, can cause great distress within the people who identify within this group which ultimately leads to maladaptive behaviors/ coping mechanisms. This problem is only exasperated when talking about the youth.

Adolescents and young adults must also face social judgment from their peers and sometimes their own family. Understanding or trying to figure out ones own sexuality is hard enough without having to deal with going through school along with this.

The intersection between being a youth and identifying or questionings ones identity as apart of the LGBTQ+ community can be very difficult, and due to this also effects their mental health.

Below is a Ted Talk on Mental health within the LGBTQ+ Youth Community if you would like further information on the topic, check it out!

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