How to be Thankful for Yourself

As the holiday season begins to roll around, specifically Thanksgiving, many of us all across the United States will take time to reflect on what and who we are thankful for. This could be loved ones, family members, friends, and even mentors. However, many people during this time forget all the hardships they have faced and overcame this past year. That is why I wanted to dedicate this blog post to self-love, remembering to praise yourself for your accomplishments, and being thankful for how far you have come and who you are.

  • Take Time For Yourself
    • Step away from daily life responsibilities, Social media, and other stressors in life.
  • Learn How to Really Destress
    • Find realistic things you can do in your everyday life to destress. Or even go as far as taking “Mental Health Days” when needed.
  • Focus on Your Accomplishments
    • Even if your accomplishment is as simple as getting out of bed or eating your breakfast, always celebrate the small victories. 
  • Accept Flaws
    • Everyone has something in their lives or even themselves they don’t like. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend your entire life focusing on these small things. Take time to remember that these “flaws” make up who you are and should be accepted!



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