How to be Productive

As the end of the school semester and the year come to close many people struggle with productivity. Due to this, I wanted to write a blog post specifically on productivity and how to be more productive as this year comes to a close.

Ask Questions 

  • Be aware of what your doing!
  • Ask yourself if you are taking on something that you are actually able to do
  • Make sure you have the full information about the new projects or task you are taking on and make sure to prepare yourself for it!

Learn from Mistakes 

  • To not become overwhelmed by your mistakes!
  • Everyone makes mistakes and it’s better to learn from them rather than worry over things you can not change or are in the past.
  • Make sure to refer back to the first tip and ask questions to see how you can improve  

Use Affirmations

  • I have made multiple blog posts on affirmations, being kind to yourself through reassurance makes a world of a difference!
  • “I can do this”
  • “I am capable”

Be Aware

  • Be aware of your bond and mind
  • If you are sensing you are getting overwhelmed take a break!

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