Holiday Self Care: Learning How to Take a Real Break pt.1

Many of us struggle with knowing how to take a real break. With the closing of the year many projects and schools are coming to a close. Though many people are vacationing and spending time with loved one’s and family, there are still people all over the world with work, school, or other responsibilities on their minds. Though it is fine to have these thoughts wander into your daily thoughts it is good practice to learn how to separate yourself from them as a way not to get sucked back into the working mindset.

A great way to begin this separation is to have a “ritual” that you do at the close of every work/ school day, or even when you are done before a break.

  1. Having a ritual/ tradition

For many people this may be walking around their office closing all their windows, turning off lights, checking rooms; however, this must be done in a conscious way. Repeating the phrase ” I am done” or “I am going home for the day” is a good way to reinforce this.

Next, we want to focus on separating work from home

2. Separation outside of work/ school

Similar to the first step we want to separate work from home as a way to begin to learn how to take a break. Outside of our actual place of work or school, there are things that leave us still connected. Checking emails, Canva, Teams, and any other forms of communication. Though for many this is still a part of their work/ school life-limiting checking to once a week or for those who can not at all! Though this may seem scary at first many people do not realize how much anxiety forms around this and stops you from taking a real break.


In the next blog post, we will talk about how to fill this new free time you have and how to set these newfound boundaries you have created!

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