Healthy Friendships pt1

Just like having healthy relationships, having healthy friendships and learning what a “healthy friendship” looks like can make all the difference when building a good support system! In this blog post you will learn what a healthy relationship looks like and why you should strive to be a good friend and find those who are also!

  1. You are comfortable
    • A shore sing that you someone is a good friend is that you can be yourself around them! Asking yourself questions like: Am I happy right now?, Do I feel comfortable?, and Am I being true to myself? are all questions that can help you step out of your current situations and really decide if you are comfortable!
  2. You feel good after
    • ┬áNot only should you feel good during but also after! Do you look forward to hanging out with them again or do you regret the social interaction? Really taking time to listen to your body and mind after can help you to better decide if this relationships is benefitting you.
  3. You trust them
    • Being able to confide it someone and knowing they will not repeat what you say or judge you is also an important aspect of a good friend. Make sure you are not the only one creating a trusting atmosphere.

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