Finding Happiness in the New Year

Starting this week students all over the world will be heading back to class and adults to work, and even for some both. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season no matter what holiday they choose to celebrate and follow and I hope for a successful and fruitful New Year to our readers.

For many, the New Year tends to signal change and resolutions to be made. Especially leaving behind the horrific year we all had to endure these past 12 months. For many, this New Year means a fresh start. However, I feel that it is important to acknowledge the fact that even though we are entering a New Year we must still be vigilant. Many of the things that made 20202 so bad for all of us are still very much here no matter the difference in a year. Things such as Covid-19 though even with a vaccine out is still killing hundreds of people each day. Additionally, in our personal lives, we must realize things such as burnout, as I mentioned in previous blogs, can easily follow us into the next year if we do not take the steps to prevent it.

Most of all I think it’s important that we all take time to think of our mental health a little bit more this year. Try to take up journaling or practicing mindfulness. These are both ways in which we can get to know ourselves better and get a better understanding of our own mental health and where it may need improvement. I want to challenge our readers to make this the year of you. What do you want out of life, how will you achieve these things, and will these things bring you happiness? Getting to know yourself better and your actual likes and dislikes is what life is all about and is key to living life our life to the fullest. 



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