End of Month Check in (January)

As the end of the month comes to a close many of us have gained new experiences and learned new things.

Within the renew counseling family we have shared numerous different tools with all of you this past month. In this blog post, I will summarize some of your favorite blog posts and touch on how we will move forward in the next month.

  • Healthy Friendships
    • This blog series followed the importance of having, creating, and supporting healthy friendships. Many of us focus on romantic relationships and forget to also nourish our platonic nonromantic relationships.
    • In the links below you will find a handful of posts from this series that will teach you the importance of these types of relationships
      • https://renew-counseling.org/healthy-friendships-pt1/
      • https://renew-counseling.org/healthy-friendships-pt-2-cont/
  • 2022 & You Series
    • This blog series focused on starting the New Year! The point of this blog was to aid as a helping hand to those struggling with dealing with new responsibilities and stressors of the new year. For many of us, the New Year means a new start and be both highly rewarding and highly stressful!
    • In the links below you will learn about modern ways to organize ones’ life and also deal with stress that comes from new and old responsibilities.
      • https://renew-counseling.org/2022-you-series-dealing-with-new-responsibilities-and-stress/
      • https://renew-counseling.org/2022-you-dealing-with-stress-part-3/

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