Dealing with Perfectionism

Perfectionism is defined by very well mind as “someone who has a personality that strives for flawlessness. This is often accomplished through fixating on imperfections, trying to control situations, working hard, or being critical of the self or others.”

Many of us struggle with perfectionism on a daily basis and may not even be aware of this! If you identify with the above statemen this blog post may help you to better understand and deal with a perfectionism.

  1. Awareness
    1. Become aware of perfectionist tendencies. This is the first step in even understanding if this is even a real issue in your life
  2. Pay attention to the small victories
    1. Many people who deal with perfectionism forget that the focus is not always the end goal
    2. make sure to focus on the small achievements and celebrate them as you go!
  3. Making mistakes is OK
    1. making mistakes is apart of life. No matter how much or how little you work a mistake or 2 is normal along the way.
  4. Procrastination
    1. Procrastination is surprisingly a major issue when it comes to perfectionist
    2. A great way to fight against procrastination is to create a plan and  organize.

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