Creating Boundaries (Interpersonal Relationships)

Creating boundaries is an important skill to have especially as a teen and young adult. In a previous blog post, I have touched on the topic of saying no and the actual freedom that can come from writing down, mentally or physically, your boundaries, knowing what you have hard lines against.

However, boundaries are not only set when you are at work or between friends. It is also important to set boundaries with those who are seeing in a romantic sense. Things such as asking for consent and permission should always be the default, but in today’s society, we see that so many do not view it this way. This is why it is important to be aware of one’s own inner voice and listen to your own boundaries when in situations when people choose to ignore the ones you set.

It is also important to be aware of boundaries when meeting new people. Saying

  • “no”
  • “I am not comfortable with this conversation in this stage of our relationships”
  • “I would like to leave”
  • “I will not do that for you”

are all-powerful words and phrases that many of us even myself may fear using when we first meet someone. However, your boundaries and safety are more important than making a first date slightly uncomfortable.


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