Attachment Style Series: Avoidant Dismissive

In this series, we are focusing on different Attachment Styles! Attachment Styles usually develop during childhood. Based on how one is confronted and learns how to self-soothe can drastically change how one’s attachment styles form.

In this specific week, we are learning about a type of insecure attachment style, avoidant. This type of Attachment Style can be defined as Dissmissve or Fearful. In this blog post, we will focus on the Avoidant Dismissive Attachment Style.

The Avoidant Dismissvie Attachment Style usually comes from a childhood in which one’s parent tends to withhold affection and is not close. The child will tend to learn how to self-soothe with very little external support. Due to this the child will then view all adults in the same way also expecting them to be unreliable caregivers.

Due to this childhood experience, children who develop an Avoidant Dismissive attachment style tend to not create/ maintain social bonds and relationships. In older age, they tend to lean away from close emotional bonds, especially romantic ones.


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