Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorders

In today’s society we are much more in touch with mental health and what it looks like. Awareness and  accessibility are allowing previously inaccessible groups to receive greater knowledge on theses topics. However, in lieu of this there are also many groups that profit off others lack of knowledge for a quick like or follow on social media. Things like this lead to self diagnosis and overall incorrect information being released into the public, and even worse this seems to be effecting younger teens and young adults at much higher rates leading to false self- diagnoses.

One of the most common of these false diagnosis is anxiety disorder. Though anxiety can greatly effect anyone’s life it is important to realize there is a major difference between everyday symptoms of things such as anxiety or depression, and their counterpart disorders.

Below is a Ted Talk that looks at the difference of “everyday” issues and what these look like in comparison to an actual diagnoses!

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