2022 & You Series: Dealing with New Responsibilities (Part 2)

In the last blog post we highlighted how dealing with new responsibilities can be very difficult in the new year. Many of us take on new task new jobs and a plethora of other responsibilities in the new year, but how well have you been dealing with it? Many of us us do not have the tools in our tool box to adequately deal with this. As a way to help deal with this I created an outline of ways to help cope in a healthy way. In turn this blog post will go into more depth about each section.


  • What is my goal?

Planning is essential when trying to juggle new responsibilities. When it comes to planning we wanted to focus more on our goals. I want to finish my paper, I want to buy groceries, or even I want to meet up with friends. All of these are fairly simple goals; however, when put together they can seem like a lot. Take your time to mentally or even physically write down goals you have for your self.



  • What goal is most important?

Organization is a top priority .Think of it like writing an essay, all good works of writing need a blue print or outline to guide the writer, this is the same with organizing responsibilities. You want to take your time deciding/ ranking what is most important to you or needs to get done first. This way instead of trying to do everything at once who have pre planned and organized what is most important, and should get your attention first!


  • ¬†How will I reach this goal?

Next we want to actually put these ideas to action! This in itself can go back to organization if we don’t know how we want to implement them, but for those who do it is as simple as tackling the first thing on your list!



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