What Is Trauma?

Sometimes you think, “I am not enough”. Or “something is wrong with me”. You feel like you wanted to react differently in certain situations but this is not what happens. You feel a mental block that throws you into a “freak out mode”, often when it is the most inappropriate, and then you just feel stuck.

Traumas are powerful. It imprints the message “this is not safe” in our brain. As a result, we often act out of our traumatic experiences, even when there is no obvious danger involved. Trauma can spillover to affect relationships, self-esteem, our ability to make friends, and the ability to live life to the fullest.

Remember that trauma is not necessarily something obvious, although it certainly can be. Open abuse, assault, or neglect could be very traumatic. Things that are less visible (such as being picked up late from school, one or both parents or caregivers being emotionally unavailable, etc.) could also be traumatic. Children take it personally and internalize the message “I am not enough. Something is wrong with me”. It is important to understand that trauma is unique and very subjective to every human being. These past experiences do not go away, unless specifically targeted and worked through.

What was the most traumatic experience that you had? How does it influence your life today?

Healing from trauma often involves professional help. People are often reluctant to talk about their traumas (yes, because thinking about it is painful). If you had traumatic experiences in the past, one thing that you should know: it’s not you, it’s what happened to you. During your trauma healing sessions, the goal is for your brain to deeply realize that the trauma happened in the past. And now it’s over. In therapy sessions, we use different approaches, such as Instinctual Trauma Response, Trauma-Focused CBT and others to help you work through this process. These approaches are strongly supported by research and may take less time than you think to heal, which is exciting news, given years of living in the shade of your trauma.

Imagine this: what if you could walk out the door and notice that your responses had changed? That you had discovered your resilience and your personal power? That your new reactions started new cycle of relationships in your life? You do not have to live in silence. There is help and there is a solution.

We are here to help.

The world is more beautiful with you!

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