Understanding Mental Health in the Black and African American Community

This week I wanted to focus on mental health in the Black and African-American Community (and other minority groups) in honor of Black History Month. In this blog post, I focus on an article by Amy Morin a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on Verywell Mind.

The article was entitled Exploring the Mental Health Stigma in Black Communities. There are multiple different sections in the article that helps to explain the stigma surrounding mental health in black communities, treatment disparities, and how to combat stigma in the community or at least getting a better understanding of it.

This article gives a great amount of insight on what mental health means in and to those in the black community especially adolescences who have yet to completely understand what mental health is much less formulate their own opinion of it. Below I have attached the article please feel free to share your opinions on the topic or your own problems you have dealt with in terms of mental health below!

Thank you!


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