Toxic Positivity vs Genuine Optimism

Being able to show genuine optimism is a great way to help build rapport within a new relationship or even show a loved one how much you care. However, many of us fail to use the proper verbiage that helps to build this genuine feeling of support.

Below is a few examples of what Toxic Positivity sounds like and what Genuine Optimism sounds like. Being aware of how the language you use can be toxic is very important. It is equally important to know correct ways to support loved ones too.

Toxic Positivity 

  • Being negative won’t help you
  • Good vibes only
  • You’ll get over it
  • Other people have it a lot worse
  • Smile, crying won’t help
  • Just stay positive

Genuine Optimism 

  • It’s important to let it out
  • I love you through all your emotional stages
  • You are resilient, and your strength will get you through it
  • You are not alone, and there is support to help you
  • It’s okay to cry, we all do. Can I get you something to help?
  • Things are tough right now.¬† Do you wanna talk about it, or do something lighthearted?

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