Understanding Trauma: Childhood Trauma (Ted Talk)

This week we focused on the symptoms of trauma. We highlighted common symptoms and also more specific ones that dealt with PTSD. Below is a Ted Talk by Gina Heumann that highlights childhood trauma and how it affects EVERYONE. Below is the link to the Ted Talk, and as said in the first blog post for this week if you...[ read more ]

Understanding Trauma: Symptoms of Trauma pt.2

The NHS has an amazing article called "Symptoms- Post-traumatic stress disorder". This is more of a scholarly article, but it focuses more on the specific symptoms that come from trauma and goes more in-depth into what these symptoms are like for those experiencing it!

Understanding Trauma: Symptoms of Trauma

In this week's installment of "Understanding Trauma," we will focus on the symptoms of trauma. Below is a list of symptoms of trauma created by Healthline. This will help to highlight some of the major physical and mental symptoms of trauma. Emotional & psychological symptoms: Shock, denial, or disbelief Confusion, difficulty concentrating Anger, irritability, mood swings Anxiety and fear Guilt,...[ read more ]

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