Renew Counseling Group Therapy

A few weeks ago here at Renew Counseling, we rolled out the option of having group therapy. This update is to let our readers know that you can still sign up for group therapy! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our number below. Attached you will also find the orginal flyer that gives specific deatils...[ read more ]

Benefits of Group Therapy

This week I have highlighted what group therapy is as Renew Counseling now has three new group therapy options available! Below I wanted to share an article by everyday health that highlights some reasons as to why group therapy may be a good choice for you to enjoy!

Affordable Therapy (Group Therapy)

In times like these many of us are facing financial difficulties. This is why here at Renew Counseling we want to make sure that everyone is able to get the care they deserve at an affordable price. All of our counselors work on a sliding scale and recently Natalie Decker, one of our many counselors here at renew, has started...[ read more ]

The Therapeutic Power of Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a powerful tool in the psychotherapy world. However, many people are not aware of how beneficial group therapy can be, or they don’t fully understand what it is. This type of therapy allows you to be in an environment where you are working and growing alongside others while all facing similar problems. Much like Alcoholics Anonymous and...[ read more ]

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