Navigating Back-to-School Stress: Tips for a Smooth Transition

As the summer days wind down, the excitement of a new school year can often be accompanied by a wave of stress and anxiety for both students and parents alike. The transition from the leisurely pace of vacation to the structured routine of school can be challenging. Back-to-school stress is a common phenomenon, but there are several strategies that can...[ read more ]

Dealing with a New School Year 2021- All Ages

August is the start of a new school year. For so many of us, we are seeing ourselves or loved ones going back to classes both virtually and in person. For many, this can be quite a struggle, especially with COVID still being a very real factor in many of our lives. For this blog post, I am sharing an...[ read more ]

Dealing with a New School Year 2021- Younger Children

As we are now in August the new school year is now upon us. Students of all ages will be heading back to campus, logging in online, and meeting new teachers. Learning and education have taken on many forms over this last year. The article below is from John Hopkins University, and it is centered around getting children back into...[ read more ]

Finding Happiness in the New Year

Starting this week students all over the world will be heading back to class and adults to work, and even for some both. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season no matter what holiday they choose to celebrate and follow and I hope for a successful and fruitful New Year to our readers. For many, the New Year tends...[ read more ]

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