Emotional Maturity: Setting Boundaries

This Ted Talk is from Sarri Gilman. It is all about what setting boundaries does for you, and how the process of setting boundaries can be a freeing experience.   This post marks the last part of the Setting Boundaries part of the Emotional Validity Series. Next week we will focus on another topic on Emotional Maturity.

Emotional Maturity: Setting Boundaries

Boundaries can be used in multiple diffrent ways. In different interpersonal systems ranging from one's significant other to a supervisor or co-worker. Boundaries can be also used in different situations, emotionally, physically, and even within one's self. Though boundaries are usually seen as something between one person to another it is important to note that they can also be used...[ read more ]

Forms of Self Care Part:3

In the last first two parts of the "Forms of Self Care" series we focused on what self-care is, why is it important, and why we should practice different types of self-care in addition to the commonly practiced ones. Below is a simplified version of what was highlighted in the previous blog post from the web blog page Tulip and...[ read more ]

Forms of Self Care Part:2

 In the previous blog post, I talked about 3 different forms of self-care. My goal was to begin a dialogue on popular types of self-care, but also other types that we tend to let sit on the back burner. If you did not see the first blog please feel free to go back and take a look however, I will...[ read more ]

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