Understanding Trauma: What Causes Trauma

Below is an article by Psych Guide that focuses on symptoms and causes and effects of trauma. This is an amazing article to help better understand the causes of trauma! Check out the article below to get a more informed view on trauma and how to tackle it in your life and others!

Understanding Trauma: What Causes Trauma (Risk Factors)

As I stated in the previous blog post we talked about the causes of trauma from a psychodynamic standpoint. Below is an infographic that gives a basic overview of biological factors that are considered risk factors of Trauma.

Understanding Trauma: What Causes Trauma

TIn this part of the understanding trauma series, we will touch upon what causes trauma. There is no clear-cut definition of what causes trauma, two different people can go through the same "life-changing" event and end with completely different outcomes. What moments and events in our lives that turn out to be traumatic usually depend on multiple factors surrounding the...[ read more ]

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