Tips for Dealing with Anxitey

Anxiety is an ongoing aspect of many people's lives. For many, this is something that is simply just "dealt with" but not in a professional manner. Though I always stress the importance of seeking professional help below I have provided a link to a website that gives helpful tips on managing anxiety and what you can do to prevent it....[ read more ]

Plants & Mental Health

During the New Year may people tend to pick up a new hobby or cultivate a new skill. I personally have always loved plants, gardening, and everything green. However, I just recently found out that there has been research done on how houseplants can affect one’s mental health. In an article from Healthline, several specific plants are highlighted with their...[ read more ]

College and COVID-19

This Monday thousands of college students all over the world begin to go back to class. Many of these college campuses are opening up more classes and requiring in-person classes. Though with the proper precautions taken this can be completely fine, many students may find this time very stressful. I know I personally am a bit nervous to have a...[ read more ]

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